Tuesday, April 21, 2009


love is in the air!

eing in love with someone is a very unique experience. It cannot be described by anyone that would come close to the actual experience. You have to have been there to know it. For those of you who have not, the best that can be said is that you will know it when it happens.

hen you are in love, it takes control of you. It is an obsession that cannot be conquered unless being with the person, or if it is muted over time. Even after many years, those who have felt it remember it as if it where yesterday. It is a part of you that you never will lose as long as you live.

(From the prolific pen of my spiritual director!)


Anonymous said...

Very, very true! When love strikes, everything goess ga-ga!

Bay Martin said...

... and lovers cannot see!

Love is a free gift from God, it is pure, it is clean, it is lovely!

Bay Martin said...

I remember the song my sister used to sing, "... falling in love, with love, is falling for make believe..."

Love is really magic!

Anonymous said...

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling we can experience.