Sunday, April 5, 2009


My nephew, Hans, is a very brilliant boy, has a very advance thinking and a mind of an adult. He's 11. When he comes home from school, he will immediately say, "it's a boring, boring, boring day!!!" Yes, he finds his teachers, classmates, friends, and subjects boring." At his age, he knows many advanced chess moves. His playmates can't even cope up with him with the DS Nintendo, PSP, play station games. He thinks quickly and whatever he does, he does it without haste.

Just like Hans, many times in our lives we get stuck, and we find no meaning in what we are doing. Many live routine lives; they live lives that are not open to new adventures and new learnings. As such, these people conclude that life is boring, that it is not worth living. Well, is it? If we are doing something and for a time you don't succeed, don't give up right away, rather you should check and see what could be the matter. Once in a while, it pays to look into the causes of depression, anger, and constant irritability. It is even wise to know the reasons for your unhappiness or your anger.

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Anonymous said...

It's true, especially when you are not doing anything to make a difference in your life.