Friday, April 17, 2009


always remember my Kumareng Lita's favorite line about living the fullness of life, which I quote "... I live each day as if it were my last
... "

If you think your days here on earth are numbered, how would you spend your remaining days?

When we know our days are numbered, we will try to fill them with quality. We will strive for spiritual growth which leads to a wholesome relationship with God and with our fellowmen. When we understand the importance of our time, we will use it unselfishly, doing service generously. Appreciate whatever we have achieved, transform our weaknesses into strength, and let us continue discovering and harnessing our good qualities.

Life is a gift from God, and it is so wonderful not to enjoy!


Joe said...

... and life is really what you make it (galing sa 'yo!).

Nobody knows kung hanggang kailan ang ating hininga. Si Lord lang ang nakakaalam.

Fer said...

Para kaming three stooges, salitan ang sagot. Wala eh, puno lahat ng pc, heto nga ang ingay nitong isang kabayan natin, nakikipag-tsat sa kanyang baby. Well, homesick, ganyan lang talaga ang buhay OCW, pahomesick-homesick na lang ughhh!

Monch said...

Amen to that, Ka Fer! Life is short and full of sacrifices. Ang wish na lang natin ay good health para sa atin at loved ones. Lahat naman ng sacrifices natin may katapat na graces from Him, who is most knowing!

Omeng said...

Life is so good when you are always tune in sa Kanya!