Friday, April 3, 2009


I asked Onchong to sit beside me and watch the Korean soap opera, F4. He said, "Lolo, ayoko po ng show na 'yan kasi puro pabalita (Grandpa, I don't want to watch that tv show 'coz it has so many advertisements!"). An innocent complaint from a young boy, but it's very, very true! TV shows with so many sponsors' ads turn me off, too!

We live in a world full of advertisements. They bring into focus what we want and need in order to improve our physical well-being and appearance. However, not all our wants are our needs. Some advertisements appeal to us, some repulse us. They invade our thoughts and persuade us to feel that we want something, which we actually do not need.

In our early years here in the kingdom, we used to enjoy advertisements-free shows. Not anymore, loads and loads of commercials are now injected in between scenes, eating up the entire viewing time.


Anonymous said...

The average hour used to have 55 minutes of tv shows, then 50, then down and down until now it's about 40-42 minutes... when it gets to be half commercials, no one will watch anymore!

later -

Novell said...

without commercials, there are no TV shows. go get a tivo instead.

im not against commercials though, some of them are funny, but most of them are mediocre.

ang di ko lang talaga gusto ngayon yang mga advertorials like those on rated k, and those ADS spams on teleserye. if you watch "Tayong Dalawa", nako, there were instances na si Kim Chiu talagang IN YOUR FACE nag-eendorse ng feminine product, it spoils the show! it's SPAMMING ON TV.

But i guess ganyan, ang buhay TV networks need to survive as well!

Anonymous said...

I agree! TV and movie shows are full of commercials.