Monday, February 9, 2009


A stressful pregnancy
could cause problems for generations!

Women who became stressed in pregnancy risk passing on health problems to generations of children, research suggests. Unborn babies who are exposed to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol run a greater risk of developing heart disease and diabetes in later life. It is thought high cortisol production in pregnancy alters the way genes function in not only the mother-to-be's unborn child but her unborn grandchildren, too.

he study conducted is not the first to link stress in pregnancy to the health of the unborn child. Previous research has shown that the children of stressed mothers are more likely to be hyperactive and have emotional problems.

ome of the main sources of stress include work pressures, unhappy marriages, money worries, employment issues, and anxiety about pregnancy itself. Parent and family groups urged employers not to put pregnant women under undue strain.

any just don't know what they are going to be living on when the baby comes and worry about the cost of childcare.

Be a stress free mom!

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