Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What makes intelligent people do irrational things? The reasons vary, of course, depending on the situation. Let me share specifically about why people neglect or refuse to fasten their seat belts. Here are three of the excuses they give--excuses that really aren't that reasonable when the truth is known:

Excuse 1

"I don't need a safety belt when I'm
traveling at low speeds or going on a short trip."

All driving whether at low speeds or short trips can be dangerous. More accidents occur at speeds less than 64 kph (40 mph). Unbelted occupants of cars have been killed in collisions at as low as 19 kph (12 mph) about as past as you might drive in a parking lot.

Excuse 2

"I am uncomfortable and too
confined when I wear a safety belt."

Think how much more confined you would feel in a wheelchair the rest of your life. Besides, modern seat belts are designed to allow greater freedom of movement while still protecting you during collisions. Wearing a seat belt is like anything else new you try to do: it may feel awkward at first, but eventually you will feel comfortable--and you will be a whole lot safer!

Excuse 3

"It takes too much time and
trouble to fasten my safety belt."

How much is too much when your life may be at stake? You don't need a Ph.D. to learn how to operate a safety belt, especially if you practice regularly. It actually takes less than three seconds to put on a safety belt.

Tips from our friendly Safety Engineer!


Monch said...

I don't have any excuse. I wear my seat belt lagi!

Jhun2009 said...

Pwede ba rito yan?

Pit said...

Well, I am aware, but I have no seat belt to wear! Saka na kapag may kutsi na 'ko yaikkk!!!

Rudd said...

A very good reminder!