Sunday, February 15, 2009


Am I making the most of my talents, my education, and my opportunities?

Do I believe that everything I am and have comes from God? Or do I believe as if I made myself what I am and gave myself what I have? Do I have a sense of responsibility to my Creator?

What are my priorities in life? Do I measure success only in terms of economic gains? Do I place more importance on material possessions than on human values? Do I have spiritual values? Do I live a life of faith, or have I allowed myself to be influenced by materialism, especially in its modern form, consumerism? Are my attitudes and values, my lifestyle and spending habits in line with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ?

Do I have social conscience, or am I locked up in my own little world, concerned only with myself, my family, my relatives and close friends? Do I recognize my responsibility towards my house helpers, employees, subordinates, their families and their future? Am I honest enough to question my indifference towards social justice and humble enough to own my part in an unjust social structure?

Is my love for God real or only a notion? Am I a Christian by convenience or culture, and not by choice? Am I practicing the Christian virtues only when it suits me and my schedule? Do I prove my Christianity in works of love for those who need me? Do I seek out Christ's poor or do I avoid them? Do I try to see Him in the sick, the lonely, the destitute, the old, the unwanted, or am I blind to them?

Do I take care of my physical body, and make sure I get enough sleep and exercise? Do I sometimes eat and drink too much or misuse my body sexually?

Am I able to admit my own need for help and ask for it? Do I accept myself despite my limitations and weaknesses?

Do I? Do I?

What is the basic goal of my life?


Rene said...

At the end of the day, lagi rin tinatanong ko sarili. What have I left undone!

Pit said...

And do I save enough for the rainy days? Ingles yan, kaya mo?

Jhun said...

Do I have to be away from my family that long?

Bay Martin said...

@ Rene

Pards sori for coming back to you just now. Hectic and schedule.

It's a very healthy exercise to recall all things you've accomplished at the end of each day. I wish I could do the same thing.

Thanks again!

Bay Martin said...

@ Pete,

Good for you!

Bakit nag-iba ang spelling ng pangalan mo napunta ka lang sa Saudi jak jak jak!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Jun,

God said, don't leave your family long enough for your children not to recognize you as their father!

Rudd said...

Yes, yes, it makes sense. You hit it. A very enlightening entry.

Montsing said...

Wow this is a very intriguing article. Di ko nabasa 'to ah! Every line is true!