Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been clutter clearing my flat for about a week now, weeding and sorting stuff which are everywhere. Magazines, bills, family photos, accumulation of paper, empty boxes, ahhhh... everything is taking over. I need to declutter, I need to declutterrr... will somebody help me clean up my mess!

"Just continue clearing your stuff and don't just stare at them, shouted a friend! And next time, get yourself organized."

"I am organized!"

"Oh yeah!"

As Ms Stephanie Roberts, author of Clutter Free Forever, said, "if difficult feelings comes up as we work through our clutter, acknowledge them. We may discover that we are just aren't ready to confront some tasks or ready to part with some things yet. It is self-defeating to put ourselves all at once through changes that are too large for us today. We have to be gentle with ourselves, take baby steps, and work at our own pace. Letting go of excess makes room for blessings.


Monching said...

Too much basura ha! I thought you were seafreighting your stuff?

Bay Martin said...

I am and still working on them! I have so much things to spare!

Monching said...

You need some help? I can come and give you a hand!

Pit said...

May mauupuan ba kami? ha ha! Ipun kasi nang ipon ng gamit! Para na sigurong bodega ang bahay mo!