Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here I am, dear Lord,
before you at the end of this
long day.

I want to devote to you
these moments because only
though being with you now will I be
able to sleep in your peace and love.
I thank you for all the good and
bad events of this day.

I hope you will continue
to understand my failures and
shortcomings, may unkind thoughts,
my inconsiderate words, my unbecoming
actions, and all that I may have done
today that could have caused harm
to others. Perhaps I was half-
hearted and lazy in doing
my work, too.

For all these, Lord,
I beg your mercy. Please heal
the wounds of sin and selfishness in
my and blot out whatever hinders
me from following you closely.

With the help of your
grace, I pray for the day
when I shall no longer
wound your loving



Rudd said...

With your permission, I am copying this evening prayer! You said it perfectly alright. At the end of each day, we need to assess all the things we accomplished and give thanks to Him, Who is most knowing.

Bay Martin said...

You don't need to ask my permission. It is a prayer which should be shared to everybody. May it become a very important part of your life.