Thursday, October 23, 2008


It is vanity to strive too intently for perishable riches and to fix your homes on them. It is vanity also to be over-eager for honors, or to consider yourself better than the others. It is vanity to follow blindly the desires of the flesh and to want things which will bring penalty later on.

It is vanity to wish for a long life while caring little about living a good life. It is vanity to give your entire attention to the present life without thinking of the life which will come later. It is vanity to love only what is speedily passing away, instead of fixing your heart on heaven–the home of endless joy.

4 comments: said...

I always heard the word vanity, ang alam ko yung sa bathroom. Other than this meaning, ano pa ang mas matinding kahulugan ng word na 'to?

bingkee said...

Nice post Bay..."store riches for heaven not riches that just last on earth"

Bay Martin said...

@ ramon

The word vanity is synonymous to excessive pride (evil), ego, selfishness, conceitedness. It may also mean lack of usefulness, worthless, walang pakinabang, mayabang, arogante. Naintindihan mo na. Iba naman ang bathroom vanity.

Bay Martin said...

@ Bingkee,

Korek ka dyan! We should not be attracted with earthly riches 'coz our stay on earth is temporary. Riches in heaven is eternal.