Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Strange news from abroad!

An old man happily married for 60 years was left in shock after being told at a government office that he had separated from his wife 17 years ago.

The old man went to the government office to get a copy of his identification card where an official told him that he was separated. The man's son, who had accompanied his father, was also shocked on hearing this from the official and asked his father whether it was true. The man denied that there was any separation and expressed his resentment at the mistake. He was left in a further conundrum when he tried to rectify the mistake. Having visited the offices on several occasions to rectify the mistake, the officials keep telling him to "come back tomorrow."


Monching said...

It has always been the case here! Remember what happened to our colleague, Kiko!

Bay Martin said...

Of course, of course, he won't forget that incident. It was a nightmare.

How about the old man, who was recorded dead for many years until he showed up alive, it was chaos ha ha ha!!!

MonMon said...

Yes, I remember that. So many strange things happening here ha ha ha! What does it show? Are you thinking what I am thinking? ha ha ha!