Sunday, October 19, 2008


Regardless of feelings, moods, prejudices, or preferences, strive to maintain a right intention at all times. As soon as your natural desires contradict God’s will, check them as you would check any other foolish intention.

Do not let life’s daily events disturb nor affect you too much. Seek to know His will and to accept it in all things. With this pure intention, you will have a deep interior peace. This is God’s gift to those who let Him govern their lives.

Our intentions tend to become dim as we proceed through our daily occupations. Gradually we are influenced more by pleasure or self-satisfaction. Therefore, let us renew our pure intentions at different times during the day.


Monch said...

Inner peace... I believe prayers and faith in our Dear Lord God will give us inner peace.

Bay Martin said...

Inner peace is a grace coming from Him, Who is most high. You can only be right to say that prayers will give you peace and inner healing. Free yourself from burdens and pains. How? Go to Him in prayers daily.

MonMon said...

You said before that everytime you are at your lowest point, you commune with God. How do you do you commune with God?

Chitong said...

Hey, I still have your book about Inner Peace and Inner Healing. Do you need it now?