Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The printer's color display was flashing "order color magenta." Almost instantly, I was reminded of one of the fiercest battles in history, the bloody battle of Magenta in Northern Italy between a combined Franco-Sardinia army and an Austrian army in 1859, and gave its name to the beautiful red-purple dye and color synthesized by French chemists shortly after the battle--magenta, the color of blood.

I was also reminded of the excellent climbing varieties of philodendrons in my garden, especially the philodendron maxicanum. The leaves are magenta to maroon on the underside of the blades.

Not a fav color, but Magenta will always be an extra spectral color.


Ramoninging said...

I like the color, too! It is not only a flashy color, it is strong, too!

Jun said...

Magenta is a heavy color!

James said...

Very strong kamo!