Thursday, October 16, 2008


Unless everybody makes an effort to conserve energy, time may come when energy supplies may not be enough to meet our demands.

Conservation does not mean non-use. It simply means wise and efficient use of energy. A large amount of heat is used when fuel is produced and used. This heat could be put to use in industries. Waste heat can also be minimized by improved industrial process and engine designs.

A large amount of energy is used in transportation. Car pooling practices, recreational driving, use of public transport, such as buses, light railway transit, and better vehicle design could substantially reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation requires the combined efforts of industries and government agencies and individuals.

As end-users, what do we do to help conserve energy?

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Monching said...

There are so many ways to conserve energy. I heard that Meralco ay magtataas na naman ng singil sa kuryente. Susunod nyan only those who can afford to pay ang mayroong ilaw waaahhhhh!!!