Wednesday, October 1, 2008


He was five when he started his show business career. His mother, a local music-hall performer lost her voice during the performance and had to leave the stage. He went on and sang a well-known song. Halfway through the song, a shower of money poured onto the stage. He stopped singing and told the audience he would pick up the money first and then finish the song. The audience laughed, the first of millions of laughs in Charlie Chaplin's fabulous career.


Ramon said...

I enjoy watching CC's b/w movies. I know that you are very fond of him, too! There are so many CC's DVDs at Al-Jarir now.

Bay Martin said...

I got some. They're kind of expensive. I thought I wouldn't enjoy b/w movies anymore, but I was wrong, they are still fine with me.

OnOn said...

How about Mr. Bean, do you like him?