Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Sometimes a word suggests or implies more than its dictionary meaning—emotions and memories cling to it. This overtone of the word is called its connotation—and that connotation may be good or bad. The word home, for example, has always had a good connotation; it suggests comfort, warmth, privacy, love. On the other hand, the memories of World War II have given the word collaborator, a bad connotation. The word misnomer almost always has a bad connotation. We use it to refer to something that in our opinion doesn’t live up to its name.


Monching said...

How about haven and utopia, do they have the same connotations?

Bay Martin said...

Utopia means ideal society.

Haven is a harbor or anchorage protected from the sea, or, by extension, a place of safety; a refuge or sanctuary.

If haven is a refuge or sanctuary, it connotes a safe place like home!

Monching said...

Thanks, I appreciate it! Now I know the difference between utopia and haven. I thought they had the same meaning!

Bay Martin said...

You are well done ha ha ha!!!