Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Honey ant recipe?

You are honey ant dreaming!

The honey ant of the desert has an unusual method of providing food in times of scarcity. Certain members of the colony are stuffed with liquid food or water until the rear portions of their bodies are enlarged to the size of a pea. When a famine occurs. these ants disgorge their supplies to feed the others.

Honey ants have small head and thorax, but big abdomen full of honey. They are edible and form an occasional part of the diet of various Australian aborigines. They live in underground nests found in a variety of arid or semi arid environments. Some live in extremely hot deserts. The nests are usually on the shady side of the tree, which can be up to two meters deep. To eat a honey ant, you pick it up by the head and put the abdomen in your mouth and bite it.


ZZ said...

Kaya siguro mahilig sa asukal ang mga langgam!

Bay Martin said...

Black ants love sweets. The red ants love to bite and fight ugghhhh!!!

monching said...

Have you tried it?

Bay Martin said...

Nope, we don't have honey ants here! We have big, black ants in the compound, but they are not the agressive type.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh I love you, honey, I love you so... Honey ant, wala pa akong nakikita. Hige, work muna tayo! I visit you webpage often. See yah!

Bay Martin said...

You are always welcome to access my webpage anytime. I haven't seen honey ant here either.

Monching said...

I browsed the internet last night and read something about the honey ant. Naintriga kasi ako sa entry mo, so I decided to learn some more! Sa disyerto pala ng Australia marami 'nyan!

Bay Martin said...

Yes, favorite ng mga aborigines. I saw a documentary about honey ant not long ago. The traditional aborigines consider the honey ants part of their diet. It's luxury to them, you know!

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