Monday, July 21, 2008


Some of the names by which Bangkok is known are Great City of Angels, the Supreme Warehouse of Divine Jewels, the Great Land Unconquerable, the Grand and Prominent World, the Royal and Delightful Capital City Full of Ninefold Gems, the Highest Royal Dwelling and Grand Palace, the Divine Shelter and Living Place of the Reincarnated One, Venice of the East, but believe it or not, the official full name of Bangkok …. don’t be surprised …. it won the Guinness Book of Records’ longest place name --

Krungthep Maha Nakorn Amorn Ratanakosindra Mahindrayudhya, Mahadilokpop Noparatana Rajthani Burirom Udom Rajnivet Mahastan Amorn Pimarn Avatarn Satit Sakkatuttiya Vishnukarm Prasit.

Hi! Wichai, many thanks for the book about Thailand. Did I spell the full name of Bangkok correctly? I'll be posting an entry about my last trip to Thailand very soon!


Monching said...

Yes, I remember your trip to Thailand. You were with your SCECO friend. I forgot his name. You were bragging about the beautiful blah blah blah. Nasaan na ang mga pics mo 'ron. I still have the small elephant you gave me!

Monching said...

Saan mo naman nahagilap ang super habang pangalan na yan, ha ha ha!!! Ikaw talaga! I remember the times when you were memorizing Sri Lankan names. It was really fun!

Bay Martin said...

Though, it was a three-day lay over, it was worth the trip.

Bay Martin said...

You know well that I am a wide reader. A Thai colleague gave me a very informative book about Thailand.

Ha ha ha, it was fun to recall the happy days! Of course, I still remember the long names of my Sri Lankan colleagues in SCECO--Bandyopajay Alagaratnam Wikremasinghe Chandranaburatna Kolasena Padmaperuma. O, kaya mo yan?

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