Friday, July 18, 2008


A cathy sign!

For every ounce of alcohol you drink, it takes an hour to regain full driving faculties; that is, normal, alert, clear-headed reactions. If you have the ounces of alcohol around 8 p.m., you should not drive until at least 1 a.m. the following day.


Monching said...

A very helpful info! Thanks a lot!

Bay Martin said...

Welcome! Bakit, marunong ka bang mag-drive. Ang alam ko, kahit screw driver di ka marunong gumamit ha ha ha ha!!! Enjoy your day!

Monching said...

Everyday I look fwd to see your new entry/entries.

Last Thursday, in your area, along Aziziyah Road, there was a car accident. The driver was a young local. Tinumbok 'nya ang binibilhan mo ng broasted chicken. Traffic talaga!

Bay Martin said...

Swing by as often as you can.

I saw the commotion last Thursday. I was actually with some friends. We flagged down a taxi at the other side.

Come visit me on weekends!

Monching said...

Did you hear about the recent traffic accident in Riyadh? Five Pinoys died. They are actually circulating the message and pics by email. You don't want to look at the pics.

Bay Martin said...

A friend mentioned it to me last Thursday. He said, two of the pinoys were decapitated. He said, a tractor-trailer was involved in the accident.