Saturday, July 19, 2008


Anything that requires a major
in our way of life can turn
stress into distress!

Stress is a fact of life--particularly adult life. When we speak of stress, they usually mean something negative. But stress can also have positive excitement value, as in sports, chess, or work. Most of us often try to avoid the harmful effects of stress. A traffic jam is an example of a stress situation. Having to make a tough decision, worrying about bills, and having a nightmare are stress situations.

Many things we do every day are stressful to some degree, but most of them are not serious and we readily adjust to them. Family tensions are a common source of stress, but we take time to discuss the issue. The boss pressures us to do more work, but we go along, hoping to get a raise.

The ordinary stress of life is useful because it nudges us to work out new approaches to different situations. Stress keeps us adapting to an ever changing environment. But stress becomes serious when we cannot cope up with too many changes at one time, or adapt to radical changes we are not ready for. Boredom and monotony are also stressful. Loneliness can cause serious stress.


Monching said...

Do you remember our friend working at Al-Sinayah, what company was that? Di ba it was very stressful for him because his modir was always shouting at him. He had a nervous breakdown. He already left the kingdom.

Most of the time working with these ".... you know what..." is not only stressful, but also upsetting.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for asking,
but my notebook keypad "a" has been damaged. That's why I rarely blog or online. I'll contact you again once my notebook back to normal.


Bay Martin said...

Not only shouting at him, but making him a target range of flying saucers and cups ha ha ha!!!

I don't know his whereabouts now!

Bay Martin said...

Hi Sayz! What a surprise. I thought you were in another planet now ha ha ha! Just kiddin! I am glad you could visit. I miss our email exchanges. You must be very busy with your tutoring and waiting!

Don't you find it inconvenient to use a small notebook keypad. I'll stick to my old keyboard!

Swing by when your time permits you to.

Monching said...

Naku ha, work muna at baka mahagisan din ako ng cups and saucers ng modir ko!

Balik ako mamaya!

Bay Martin said...

Drop by when your time permits you to. Wala ka bang PC sa bahay? Hige, baka palanggana ang ihagis sa 'yo ng bossing mo.