Monday, July 7, 2008


Was there really a blue moon?

When did it happen?

There has been a blue moon. When a large amount of fine dust was sent into the upper atmosphere by huge Canadian forest fires in 1950, the dust caused a blue coloring in various parts of the world. Cars turned on their headlights in the daytime, and at least one daytime baseball game was played under lights. In some places, people even reported a blue sun. The phenomenon lasted at least two days.


ZZ said...

Blue Moon, you saw me standing along! Everytime you play this on the piano, para akong nasa dreamland!

Bay Martin said...

Ek ek mo, pa-dreamland dreamland ka pa. Baketttt, alam mo ba ang meaning ng dreamland??? Maligo ka, init lang yan ha ha ha ha!!!

Monching said...

Who is ZZ, Zza Zza Gabor or Zza-Zzaparilla, inagawan pa ako ng eksena, kakantahin ko rin sana ang Blue Moonnnnnn,... ang kakantahin ko naman ay ... full moon and empty armssss.... the moon is there for us to share.... but where are you??? .... a night like this.... ano ba susunodddd!!! Next time na nga lang!

But the entry is really exciting!

Bay Martin said...

Kosa yan sa paggawa. Hindi talaga ZZ ang initials niya. Sya-sya, kumanta ka na lang ang huwag nang mang-away. You are so trouble freak! ha ha ha!!! I don't know the song, too! I can play it on the piano, but I don't know the lyrics.