Tuesday, October 20, 2009


o you show appreciation for the gifts you received on your wedding day, be it big or small, cheap or expensive? Most of the time money is an issue when choosing a wedding gift. If budget is an issue, we can still get something special, like personalized gift items.

There is no doubt that we all
wish to give the best wedding gift, but we have to realize that the bride and groom would not want us to go overboard and give them something beyond our means.

But it is not case with a groom, who was outraged when he opened an envelope at his wedding celebration and to find one of his friends had given him only one, lonely little 50-riyal bill. So little that he was incensed at this tightwad behavior and decided to confront his friend right then and there.

The following is a rough outline of the argument:

Groom: "What's the matter with you? I gave you 1,500 riyals for your wedding!

Stingy guest: "Yes, and I gave you 1,500 riyals cash at your first wedding!" But this is your second wedding, and for your second wedding you get 50 riyals."

It was about here when the two men went after each other with punches and slaps until the groom's father took control of the situation and calmed the men down.

No matter what gifts you received on your wedding day, it is very important to show your appreciation to those who attended your wedding. Gifts are there only to remind you of the role they have played in one of the most important days of your life.


Tsito said...

No invitation, no gift ha ha!

Montsing said...

Yes, I agree. Our presence is more than enough to make the bride and groom happy on their great day!

Singit ulit!

Ram said...

Hi! Good morning!

I dedicate my morning song to you entitled, "I went to your wedding!"

I went to your wedding
Although, I was dreading
The thought of losing you...
The organ was playing
My poor heart kept saying,
Your dreams, your dreams are true...

Have a nice day!

Dar said...

This is a piece of article ha ha! I can't comment on this because I haven't been a groom.

So how are you? Still working? Ram and I are still working on a very important project.

Montsitong said...

It's my birthday tomorrow, don't forget to wrap a gift. It should not be less than SR1,500, or you will be in trouble ha ha ha!!!

A pleasant hello and good morning!

Bay Martin said...

@ Tsito

New aka!

Mon said...

When I get married, how much cash is your gift to me? It shouldn't be below SR2,000 ha ngekk!