Friday, October 9, 2009


If you cringe before the pitiful mental picture of yourself in your mind, you defeat yourself before you start.

What most people fail to recognize is that within each one lies a reservoir of power. The quality of our life depends upon our determination to win a total victory over the dark fears within that consign us to be weak and fearful.

The renowned lecturer and author, Norman Vincent Peale, has this advice: "you have to humble yourself." You should learn to accept the kind of person that you are. Through self-discovery you will be able to appreciate the person that you really are. Self-discovery is a confrontation with your own self. Naturally, you will never like yourself when you suffer continuing inner conflicts and frustrations that take the joy of life or when a sense of guilt haunts you.

"Defeatism is our major
enemy in life."


RamMon said...

Lack of confidence, that's it. I recall your account of a friend, who couldn't anything without the help of others. How is he now? May be, he is hiding in the nooks and corners of his house afraid to go out and see the world ngekkk!!!

Good morning!

Bay Martin said...

He's has changed at all. In fairness, he's very generous and always ready to help.

MTsing said...

Are you saying he's out of his shell now?

Bay Martin said...

Sorry, my first line should read, "he hasn't changed at all," but he is still the same guy, very generous, likeable, always ready to extend a helping hand.

MonRam said...

Sobrang lalim ng Ingles, di ko maarok ha ha ha!!!