Friday, October 23, 2009


ead an article about a letter that lost its way and only made to the address on the envelope after 90 years. The mail must have made the rounds of the world several times before it reached its final destination.

This news awakened old memories. It reminded me of a letter I received from a very dear sister, who was already dead many months before. She died after a long illness. It was just too much to bear because I didn't get to see her funeral. Her letter was written on a pink perfumed stationery. It seemed as though she was beside me, reading each word aloud. I could sense her thoughts, sentiments, pains, and prayers for complete healing of mind, body, and spirit. I could feel as if she was crying for help from the very depth of her soul. The most revealing part of her message was discovering her husband cheating on her, which was a big blow to her.

It's a tragedy on its own that a letter with a clear addressee and sender reached its destination after several months. It could have reached me at least days or weeks before she left this world. I could have done something to be with her and lent a helping hand. Obviously, it sat some place, or could have been stuck somewhere else.


Tsit aka Pusong Mamon said...

Very tatsing naman! Naiyak ako!

MonRa said...

Was she the one who suffered from thalassemia majores for 17 years?

Dar said...

You cannot always trust the mail here knowing that they don't use the address system.