Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Teacher should avoid humiliating
and punishing pupils.

The old proverb "what goes around comes around" is pretty much true at times, learned a 50-year old teacher, who was left black and blue for mistreating a pupil some 30 years ago.

The former pupil lashed out at the teacher after they randomly met at a recent wedding saying he suffered immensely at his hands. Guests broke up the fracas and allowed the teacher, who was badly beaten to escape from the wedding hall. It later transpired that the teacher had taught the man in the early 80s and that he would often beat him and ridicule him in front of classmates. It also emerged that the teacher used to pick on the man knowing he was an orphan and that no one should defend him.


Jason said...

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Tsit said...

Yesss! I remember my terror teacher in the elementary, who was always picking on me. If our paths cross, I'm going to get even with him ha ha ha!!!

FG said...

Reminded me of my strict teacher in Woodworking huh!

Dito ako kay Mon!

Mon said...

In Singapore caning of students is legal! Harsh punishment!

MonRa said...

Do you remember Mr. Lavengco? How about Ms Zoriaga? Ring a bell???

Dar said...

I had experienced this, too! But I never thought of getting even with my terror teacher.

Hyun said...

One comment Mr. Bay!

Corporate punishment is not tolerated in our school! Teachers are aware of the consequences.

Have a good night! See you next piano lesson.

Space_aye said...

You have a very nice and ironic blog ;)
Keep writing and making us laugh and reflect.

Dong said...

Corporal punishment is no longer allowed in school!