Friday, October 16, 2009


ho says that old age is a hindrance to a ha
ppy marriage. Not so for a lovey-dovey couple, who are so much in love.

A man in his 80s celebrated his marriage to a woman in her 70s after passing the premarital medical test. Witnesses said that the families of both the bride and the groom attended the lavish wedding. The banquet hall was crowded with golden oldies who had known the bridal couple for years. Both newly weds have children and grandchildren from previous marriages.

While writing this, my piano studen
t asked, "did they elope?"
Did they? I'm going to find that out ja ja ja!!!

Falling in love is a magical experience, yet it lasts only a short time. Often it burns out, leaving the once love-struck person wondering how and why it all happened. If the love prospers, love changes from a passionate love to a compassionate love. The person who does not reach out for the hand of another, or whose extended hand is not grasped by another, is cut adrift. The isolated individual may become lonely or depressed. But the person whose life includes love and intimacy is a person whose life is enriched.


Ramon said...

You told there was this old woman who was looking for a partner in marriage. Why did you not post it?

Mon said...

I forgot to mention the age of the woman. Did you say, she's 101 years old? Nnngggiii!!! May asim pa ba siya tulad ni Madame Auring ha ha ha!!!

Tsito said...

Question: Aastig pa ba ang manoy ni Lolo?

ToTsi said...

Just like your student, I'm curious to know kung nagtanan nga ba sila?