Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thinking the best of other people
is necessary if we wish to grow in love.

The Holy Scriptures say that "he who judges his neighbor favorably will be judged favorably by God." But why is judgmentalism still very common even among those who call themselves Christians? Everybody is a critic, but nobody wants to be judged or condemned.

How easy it is to misjudge and how difficult it is to be impartial in judgment. Our judgment of others is usually "off the mark" because we can't see inside the person, or we don't have access to all the facts, or we
are swayed by instinct and unreasoning reactions to people. How easy it is to find fault in others than in oneself.

The Lord knows our faults and He sees all, even the imperfections and sins of the heart, which we cannot recognize in ourselves. Like a gentle father and a skillful doctor, He patiently draws us to his seat of mercy and removes the cancer of sin, which inhabits our hearts.

Ref: Christian Living


Ramon said...

Singit ulit, the cat is away!

Very common, and I admit sometimes I'm being too judgmental.

MTsing said...

An eye opener!