Tuesday, October 13, 2009


he breakup of a marriage can be devastating and life disrupting and is bound to have an emotional impact on one or both partners.
Whatever the reason or circumstances that led up to it, the clear basis for any divorce work is the idea that the breakup of marriage is a loss.

... A mother and daughter were left distraught after being divorced on the same day ...

The 17-year old daughter had only been married for a few days when she was divorced. Her husband alleged that she had b
een speaking intimately with other men on her cellphone. The mother tried to resolve the disagreement, but a few hours later had her own crisis. She had been involved in a bitter divorce battle herself for the past couple of months and coincidentally, the judge made her divorce official only hours after her daughter had been divorced.

Both mother and daughter returned to their respective father's homes wondering if the irony of the situation was a sign that perhaps what happened, happened for the best.

... A woman shouts "hooray!" after divorce ...

In another courtroom, a judge was startled when, immediately after granting a divorce, a woman shouted with joy. The judge ordered the woman to be quiet. She explained that she was so happy to finally have been freed from a miserable marriage that she couldn't contain herself at the discharge.

...free again, independently free again...


RM said...

The title of your article sounds like the lines in the jubilee song.

Children are the ones deeply affected when parents separate.

RM said...

Hapi talaga, she is naka-float sa ere sa kasiyahan!

Dar said...

Second divorce case was funny!