Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sometimes bosses exhibit awful and annoying behavior. If you have to tell a boss that his behavior is a problem, do not tell him unless you are completely sure that is quite sportive. If he is not, you need to plan your strategy carefully.

ollect information to support your argument, then sit with your boss and put forward the issue honestly. Tell him how his bahavior is troubling others and suggest that he changes his bahavior. If an argument begins, be objective, polite and firm, but don't lose your composure. End the discussion saying that you do not hold anything against him personally but were concerned.

So easy to say, yet so hard to do.


Monching said...

Go tell it to the marines ha ha ha!!!

Monching said...

I don't think it is wise to tell your boss about his attitude. You will be in a lot of trouble. Hige ka!

Bay Martin said...

And tell it to the winds ha ha ha!!!

So, you think it is useless to tell or remind them of their unprofessional behaviors?