Saturday, January 24, 2009


"We are not free,
it was not intended we should be.
A book of rules is placed in our cradle,
and we never get rid of it until
ach our graves.
Then we are
ee, and only then."

Ed Howe


MonMon said...

Do you remember the song about Freedom... yun may line na Philippines my native land... ano ba kasunod! This entry reminded me of the song.

MonMon said...

All men aren't free from the bondage of sin!

Monching said...

I remember the song you love to sing. It has a phrase, "if I am free...". Parang Peter, Paul & Mary. It's a lovely tune, heroic ang dating.

Bay Martin said...

@ MonMon

.. the country of the brave,
pearl of all the Orient seas,
the hope of men upright.

.. we are ready all the time,
to fight for peace and right,
Philippines my Philippines,
for freedom all of us will fight!

tama ba?

Bay Martin said...

@ MonMon

The greatest injury or loss which we can experience is not physical but spiritual. To suffer for the faith is to share in the work of Jesus Christ.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monching,

If I Were Free

.. to speak my mind,
i'd tell a tale to all mankind.
of how the flowers do bloom and fade, of how we've fought, and how we've paid.

.. this weary world has had its fill
of words of war on every hill.
the time has come, for peaceful days, and peaceful men of peaceful ways.

.. when all mankind has ceased to fight
i'll raise my head in thanks each night
for this rich earth and all it means
for golden days and peaceful dreams.