Tuesday, January 13, 2009


traffic accident left a girl paralyzed for life. The accident shouldn't have been so serious had she been in a properly installed restraint, she probably would have been uninjured.

Every year thousands of infants and children are killed or maimed in car accidents. Many of these deaths and injuries could be prevented by the regular use of a child restraint device. Unfortunately, too many parents fail to realize the necessity of these devices--until it's too late.

Child restraints should be used from the first days of an infant's life. They must be used properly; all straps and belts must be secured, and the child must be positioned properly in the restraint. Many of the restraints on the market are designed for a specific child weight. Unless your child restraint is adaptable for several ages, you may have to invest more than one restraint.


Monching said...

Di uso rito yan, nakita mo naman ang mga bata nilalabas pa ang mga ulo at kamay while the car is moving. They don't care about the safety of their children here!

Bay Martin said...

They feel so bad learning new things ha ha!!! Yes, yes... exactly, but not in Aramco Camp. They are very strict when it comes to safety on the road.

Mon said...

Do you remember the story of the little Saudi girl na namatay dahil naipit ang ulo ng salamin na sinara ng ama habang tumatakbog ang sasakyan?

Bay Martin said...

She wasn't a Saudi, she was an Egyptian girl.