Wednesday, January 14, 2009


If they could only speak, they would probably ask us to let them go back where they belong. Animals are really helpless because they can't do what we humans can do. Like overseas contract workers, they feel homesick, too!

Two giant pandas, goodwill gifts from China to political rival Taiwan, are losing weight since their arrival on the island last week because of a different diet and lack of exercise. Tuan Tuan, the male panda, had shed about 2 kilos, and female Yuan Yuan shed nearly 3 kilos, as the natives of the fog-shrouded mountains of China grappled with Taiwan's bamboo shoots and smaller living space.

We want home!


Monching said...

Nakakahawa, I feel homesick, too! I miss everything Pinas! When is your leave?

Bay Martin said...

My leave is from 31 March to 14 May, but I haven't applied for leave of absence yet. Next month pa.

MonMon said...

Balik 'nyo ko sa Pinassssss!!!

Bay Martin said...

Homesick din ako ngayon dahil may dinaramdam ang Onchong. I am worried sick. I want to go home, too!