Monday, March 3, 2008


It is synonymous to the word independence, or the phrase
“to rely on one’s own resources”.

There are lots of ways by which one can develop self-reliance. It is actually a learning process. It can be learned through experience, from observing others, from being you, communications, contacts with other people, media, and from values handed down to us by our folks. To have self-reliant is to have self-confidence, respect, integrity, and the ability to do things with dignity and pride.

I have fond memories of my childhood, which I always share with my children; experiences that have taught me many things—moral, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual. I became more inclined to believe that self-reliance is one thing we do not achieve overnight. We have to work hard to achieve it. Experiences, positive or negative give us deeper meaning and understanding of ones ability to cope with different situations, thus, developing self-confidence.

Growing up in a closely-knit neighborhood, where everybody seemed to treat each other as brothers and sisters, my siblings and I were taught the values of self-esteemed and independence. We were taught to feel, act, and behave independently. I was ten years old when I started to realize the value of being self-reliant. In doing so, it gave me confidence to do things, even at their meanest form, wholeheartedly. At this stage, other children tend to spend time playing with friends, doing naughty things, exploring, and experimenting. But it was totally different for me, I felt bad wasting time. I became very enterprising, always kept looking for things to do just around the neighborhood for a small fee. It made me happy to please everybody. Cleaning houses, washing dishes, baby-sitting, ironing clothes, just name it and I could do it.

Self-reliance is one of the keys of my success in life.

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Monching said...

This is one brilliant entry. I like the way you put things in words.

I came from a very poor family, so I could relate with this post. Just like, at a very young age, I knew how hard it was to earn a living, it was a hand-to-mouth subsistence! Hooohhh kakanostalgia. Hige na nga baka maiyak pa ako!