Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today’s company top executives need to develop a wide range of specialist skills and knowledge to drive performance and help their organization achieve success in a tough global market.

With many years working experience in finance, human resources and administration, I came to realize the value of enhancing management skills through proper exposures and trainings. Human resources and personnel management are key drivers of competitive advantage and effective change management. Personnel and development practices play an important role in almost every aspect of an organization’s activities.

In a modern organization, top executives must get involved in the process, systems, and should have the needed skills to be successful. They need to explore activities ranging from the basic recruitment interview process to a dismissal meeting, discovering the skills required and the role of the human resources management specialist along the way. Some key factors to understand are strategic human resources management approaches, determining when personnel interventions are necessary, planning and conducting employee grievance investigation, and using of human resources administrative and support systems.

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Monching said...

Eh bakit dito, top executives walang alam. These guys are so lucky, kahit high school graduate, they have the opportunity to become modir am. Laban ka???