Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It’s March and soon the days of great dates come!

For long times, dates have played significant roles in the lives of Arabian Peninsula residents. Dried dates were a basic part of their nourishment.

The world famous dates sought after by many come in different types, such as rothanah, heliah, baidh, rabiaah, and helwah. Each territory of Saudi Arabia is famous for its distinctive kind of dried dates. The western area produces Al-Mabrook, Al-Khalas are produced in the eastern area, Al-Surri and Al-Safri dates in the southern area, while the middle and northern areas produce Al-Sukkah and Al-Burhi dates. The produce is priced at reasonable levels as the market is oversupplied following a good harvest spawned by very warm weather conditions. Dates harvest is subject to changing temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more produce the farmers get.

The biggest palms farm in the world is the Al-Qaseem territory located in the middle of Saudi Arabia. The area has 4 million date palms. The Hail territory in the north has 1.5 million date trees and produces 53,000 tons of dates annually.

The date palm is considered to be one of the most adaptable trees in the world and is able to withstand the dry, hot days and cold nights of the harsh desert climate. It is especially important to Saudis not only for its myriad uses, but also as a national symbol of wealth and health.

Let us enjoy a plateful of delicious dates with coffee or tea!


Beauty and brains said...

Yessss, dates will soon flood the market. Have you tried the green dates. They said, it's the most delicious of all the variesties of dates, but expensive!

Why not write something about the desert truffles (is my spelling correct), whatever!

Bay Martin said...

I forgot the name of the desert truffles. I promise to research and post an entry about it.


Monching said...

Dates are everywhere, dates are everywhere... nahihinog na sila, nakakaumay sa tamis! Did you know that there is one date variety na color green? Yes, very expensive ang dating 'nya! According to saudi locals, priced-variety raw 'to. Very rare kasi!

Monching said...

Dates are ripening, they are everywhere! Have you been to Dammam Souk lately? I like the dark red and the green dates. Superb tastes. said...

I don't see any green dates in the market now, why?