Tuesday, March 25, 2008


“…. the best aid to beauty that we can put on is a gentle and quiet spirit…”

We should be modest in many ways; speech, actions, appearance, and dealing with others. Modesty is exactly the opposite of pride and vanity. If we act and think like we are better than others and look down people who do things that we would not do, we will drive them away instead of winning their trust and confidence.

We must realize that we have absolutely no right to be proud over who we are, what we do, or what we have. We do not deserve a thing that He has done for us or given for us. A vain, proud person wants everyone to notice him by wearing expensive clothes, jewelry, by showing off superior knowledge and abilities, and by going against approved dressing customs and conduct. A modest person does not try to call attention by himself/herself. He/she always keeps a low profile, as much as possible, keeping things by himself/herself.

Beauty comes from the inside—from a beautiful character that shines through a pleasant, happy face.


Anonymous said...

wow so deep and beautiful, thats great. . i like it. .

Bay Martin said...

Being modest a wonderful thing. You get to like by people around you. It's an inner beauty expressed in gentle action.

ZZ said...

Modesty aside, I am modest ugghhh!

ZZ said...

Modesty aside, I am modest ugghhh!

Monching said...

Is modesty synonymous to the word humility?

Naku ha, kita ko na naman ang ZZ na yan, baka gusto 'nyang matulog!