Monday, March 31, 2008


How do we spend our time?

Of course, we have to spend a certain number of hours each by working, eating, sleeping, enjoying indoor and outdoor activities, thinking, reading, watching our favorite television shows, and many other worthwhile activities. But how do we spend the rest of our time?

What a person does in his free time depends on what he and his family are most interested in. Some work all the time and other play. Some take part in community services; others just don’t have time for that. We probably don’t have enough time to do everything that we would like to do, but somehow we manage to find time for the things that interest us most. When our interests change, so do our activities.

We have so many choices in life; if we choose things for the better, then we are taking the right path. More often than not, our friends are surprised when we no longer take interest in things like having a good time with them, things that would harm our health and our spiritual well being. They will never truly understand that if we are making wise choices we are entering a life of deeper enjoyment, full of worthwhile, satisfying activities that will give new purpose and meaning to our life.


Anonymous said...

We have so many choices in life, and wise choices groom our path to a better future.

Anonymous said...

Great choices mean great life.

Francis said...

Naku ha, parang kanta natin before, time, time, time is fast escaping me, dear Lord, o come and follow me, follow me, watch over me, let me be..... ano ba kasunod.

Great spot!

Bay Martin said...

This entry was actually inspired by the song you mentioned. I still hummmm the song, the lyrics are so meaningful. Let's do some jamming one Friday, call!

Monch said...

Yes, I remember this song, too! What's the name of the guitarist. You were always jamming with him and some other guys?

Anonymous said...

I agree! A wise person values time.