Wednesday, March 12, 2008



The road to virtuosity is long and hard, demanding not only a high degree of inborn talent, but also the ability and desire to devote many hours a day to soul-searching practice and study.

If you are playing the piano purely for your own pleasure, careful practice is still essential if you wish to make real progress; but when music is a part-time creative activity, practice will necessarily be on a more limited scale. Even short periods of aimless practice may, instead of proving beneficial, serve only to develop and perpetuate faults. Therefore, properly directed practice is of first importance and can transform periods of drudgery into periods of enlightenment.

“Think ten times and play once”. Concentration, interest, observation and listening are the essential ingredients of worthwhile practice.

From our piano mentor, Mr. King Palmer.


Anonymous said...

Kuya Bay,

This is a very nice spot. Very informative, but when do we start with our piano lessons?


Bay Martin said...

Come and visit me anytime.

Beauty and brains said...

.. and interest, too!

Bay Martin said...

Yes! First and forement is the interest to learn the instrument by heart.

Monching said...

Hoy, I met one of your students months ago. He said, he teaches piano na rin. I forgot his name, but he remembers me!