Sunday, March 8, 2009


There are many different types of tea on the supermarket shelves now; green tea, white tea, black tea, red tea, tea with mint, tea with orange flavor, chamomile, cinnamon, oolong, etc. The four main types are white, black, red, and oolong tea, and within these types are different varieties and flavors. But did you know that when tea was first introduced in the American colonies, many housewives, in their ignorance, served tea leaves with sugar or syrup after throwing away the water in which they had been boiled.

Have you ever tried making tea
from dried sampaguita petals?
It tastes great and the aroma
is superb!


Rick said...

I love green tea!

Joe said...

I prefer chamomile with little sugar. It's very good for indigestion, too!

MonMon said...

I like my tea with cream!

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon tea is also very good!