Monday, March 2, 2009


Anger is a strong, potentially destructive emotion. When you are personally offended and your feelings are hurt, it's always best to check that immediate reaction of wanting to tell someone off. Confrontation to resolve a difference may be necessary, but using restraint, allowing to cool off, is always wise.

Not all problems have such a happy ending. But the possibilities are greatly increased when we are slow to wrath. When aroused to anger by an untrue charge or a cutting remark, count to 10, to 20, or to 100, if necessary.

Lost your temper did you say?
Truth says, state it in this way:
"When I count the tragic cost,
Would to God it had been lost."


From: Our Daily Bread


Rudd said...

Great entry, gives me an insight of my inner self. Am quick to anger.

Bay Martin said...

Excessive anger can destroy relationships, career, health, and inner peace. Controlling angers take time.

Anonymous said...

It's too hard to keep cool when your angry.