Thursday, March 12, 2009


ots of things go easier when they are bite-size. If you have a major task to get done, for example, it helps to divide it into smaller units and tackle them one at a time. This is true whether you are redecorating the house, packing for a vacation, or directing a project. The same is true of prayer.

As an active member of a small prayer group this end, we learned a lot about specific prayers. It is wiser to ask for something smaller and more specific and really believe that it will be answered than make huge prayers without seeing results. Everytime we make all-inclusive requests of God, nothing happened, but when we begin asking for bite-size requests, it's a big YES!

If you expect specific answers,
be specific with your prayers!

Inspirational Ref: Our Daily Bread


Rick said...

One lesson I learned from this post. In prayers we have to be specific at kailangan munti lang, huwag malakihan! Very informative entry. I love it! I'll put into practice!

Joe said...

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I believe simple, but meaningful prayers are very effective.