Thursday, March 26, 2009


How you look at yourself is not always how others perceive you to be. If you need to improve and develop yourself, it is equally important to consider the opinion of others about you. The dirt in your eyes or a stain at the back of your dress can only be known by you if others tell you about it. It is only when you become aware of unbecoming spots about yourself that you can do something about them.

From time to time, we need others to mirror us and to show us how we are growing and maturing. Not all assessments of ourselves can be taken as valid. We need confirmation from others, too. It makes a big difference if the knowledge of yourself can still be enriched, modified, and shaped through the constructive feedback of others.

A shared thought.


Stephen said...

Nice sharing my friend. Keep it up

Nothing Profound said...

Behind everything you say I sense a sweet and sensitive spirit and that is much appreciated.