Wednesday, June 18, 2008


he Scriptural expression, "heaven and earth" means all that exists, creation in its entirety. It also indicates the bond, deep within creation, that both unites heaven and earth and distinguishes the one from the other: "the earth" is the world of men, while "heaven" or "the heavens" can designate both the firmament and God's own "place" - "our Father in heaven" and consequently the "heaven" too which is eschatological glory. Finally, "heaven" refers to the saints and the "place" of the spiritual creatures, the angels, who surround God.


Rodel said...

Who made the mountains, who made the sea, who made rivers flow to the sea, and who hangs the moon the starry sky..... somebody bigger than you and I.... Turo mo yan uggghhhhh!!!

Bay Martin said...

And when you go on exit, you will always remember the song and the group!

Monching said...

I heard somebody saying, "heaven is in the hearts of men." Will you please explain, professor!