Saturday, June 28, 2008


"Geniuses are the luckiest of mortals
because what they must do is the same
as what they most want to do."

W. H. Auden



I believe geniuses help shape the world, but not all them are lucky.

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Genius is often linked with misery. Galileo lived in exile, wandered from city to city, and ended up in prison. Descartes also lived in exile, had to serve as a soldier, and died in a foreign land.




The French anatomist Andreas Vesalius lived a vagabond's life, was accused of heresy, body-snatching, and dissection, and was on the threshold of execution; he was forced to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and he died in a shipwreck. Copernicus did not dare to publish his discoveries. Kepler never received the pension promised by the emperor.


Majed M. said...

You are very creative, so you are a genius! The two announcement you did yesterday were superbly written. You have the gift in writing. Why don't you author a book. By the way, may I borrow your PPM book again!

Leaving some more comments!

Thanks a lot!

Bay Martin said...

Thanks much, Majed, but I don't even have a slight trace of a genius in my body.

No problem with PPM book. I'll give it to you on Saturday.

Monching said...

One trait common to geniuses is creative thinking!

Bay Martin said...

Most geniuses have well-rounded personality, however, they tend to be secretive and aloof.

Monching said...

Ano kaya ang IQ ng mga geniuses?

Bay Martin said...

Of course, mataas. I read an article about an American lady, who has an IQ of 224 (not sure of the figure). She is probably old by now dahil walang gustong manligaw. Men are intimidated!

Monchet said...

Kaya nga ayokong ipahalatang mataas ang IQ ko, baka wala na rin manligaw sa akin ngekkk!!!