Monday, June 16, 2008


"Ignorance of the law excuseth no one!"

Here are some legally-defined charges --

The homicide charges can be only broadly defined, since they vary in meaning from one jurisdiction to the next. Furthermore, the dividing line between one charge and another sometimes requires fine distinctions that are really a question of sophisticated legal interpretation. Following, then, are the general categories:

Murder in the first degree.
This refers primarily to the malicious and premeditated killing of another human being, or to a homicide that occurs in the process of some other crime, such as burglary or rape. In some states, this designation is reserved for the killing of police officers, prison guards, etc., in which case this category would be defined as murder in the second degree.

Murder in the second degree.
Frequently referred to as a "crime of passion," second-degree murder is not premeditated, but nevertheless results from an intend to physically harm the victim.

Voluntary manslaughter. Very similar in most respects to second-degree murder. In voluntary manslaughter, however, there is either intent to do bodily harm but not cause death or the victim is considered to have given the defendant good cause for anger (though, of course, no sufficient grounds for murder). The classic example is the man who kills his wife's lover upon surprising them in bed together.

Involuntary manslaughter. Usually, the accidental killing of another person in the process of committing an unlawful act of a lesser nature--for instance, killing a pedestrian while driving at 50 mph in a 30 mph speed zone. This charge can also apply to the commission of a lawful but reckless act that nevertheless results in a death of an unlawful nature.


Zaldy 2008 said...

Your honor, I am not guilty!

Bay Martin said...

Your pal will forever be guilty of over-s....x!

Monching said...

Do you recall our friend, Ismael Ampil. He died at a very young age. I heard he wasn't given a fair trial!

Bay Martin said...

Yes, he was only 21 when he died. He was 16 nang makulong, remember? What a waste of life.

Monching said...

He was a very outstanding student, remember. He was also voted Mr. Junior High natin, di ba! I remember na iisa ang kras 'nyo, si .... Irma ba, right, you and Ismael Ampil fell in love with Irma. But you were more outstanding than him; that is why, you were the valedictorian, while he ended up in jail!

Bay Martin said...

You are right, it was Irma Singson. Ismael was a bright student. It was unfortunate that he went with the wrong group.

Monching said...

Yes, Irma Singson 'nga. Byuti siya at saka may taling sa face. She's brainy, too! If by chance nag-cross ang path 'nyo, what are you going to do?