Saturday, June 14, 2008


Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity for those who do not love Him, or refuse to follow His commandments. Nothing is permanent under the sun. When you love anything for its own sake, you are a victim of vanity.

It is vanity to strive too intently for perishable riches and to fix your homes on them. It is vanity also to be over-eager for honors, or to consider yourself better than others. It is vanity to follow blindly the desires of the flesh and to want things which will bring a great penalty later on.

t is vanity to wish for a long life while caring little about living a good life. It is vanity to give your entire attention to the present life without thinking of the life which will come later. It is vanity to love only what is speedily passing away, instead of fixing your heart on Heaven--the home of endless joy.


anonymous said...

This is the age of pride and materialism. No one can escape the fact that one way or the other, we tend to be conceited, selfish, proud at times.

Monching said...

Vanity..... vanity..... uso yan.... lalo na sa mga mapagmataas na kakilala natin, di ba?

Monching said...

Before somebody told me I was too vain. What does it mean?