Sunday, June 22, 2008


The magic “human touch”
more in life than most of us!

Rachel being presented with a medal
and certificate for her academic accomplishments!

Agawan naman ng eksena ang dotir at pakyawin
ang lahat ng sampaguita leis sa Quiapo!

Who wouldn't be proud, said Rufino and Rose!
Rachel has worked hard
to earn the distinguished
honors she's received.

To Rachel,

Well, well, well! That’s my first reaction
to the great news your wonderful Mom shared with me.

It was a thrill and a pleasure to be among the very first to hear of your great achievements. It is so much like that I felt as if your Mom was right here with me, bright and happy and bubbling over, telling me with happy tones and swings all about your academic accomplishments.

There is nothing else quite like high school graduation and the big step out into the world of reality and hard facts, with the challenge that is always there. However, graduating with academic record and promise of future service deemed outstanding by the school faculty is another thing. It's so wonderful! The feeling is so magnificent and elating! You have made a record to be proud of, and, with many others, who think highly of you, I am very proud, too. We know you will keep your fine achievements in the bigger world that’s waiting for you. Rachel, you best represent the ideal student par excellence.

How does it feel to be a young lady of the world now? Definitely, the world will be a little better for you stepping out into it. Whatever your choices are as your field, we know that you will make your mark, and that they will certainly hold endless possibilities today. Whatever profession you endeavor will surely need many more like you. You have already shown such marked ability; there will always be great things ahead for you.

With this very special entry, comes a very special congratulation on this very special occasion. You see, everything is special. And why not? You are so special to your loving parents, all your dear ones, all friends, and to me, too. It is an honor most highly deserved.

I know well your Mom and Aunt Jazmin will have many interesting things to report in the days to come about you.

Hearty congratulations also on “Number 18”, and may you have many more.

All the best! Kudos!


jazzy said...

Congratulations to my beautiful and smart niece Rachel Marie Nartia!!We are so proud of you!!!.
Rachel is very active at Castro VAlley HIgh School where she's a member of the MaDRIGAL cHOIR. hER interest are in music and dance where she has been dancing for the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District since she was 3 yrs. old doing ballet, tap, jazz and acrobatic. She is also active w/association of Marketing students. This is a co-curricular activity that resides w/ the Marketing and Economics of Business program that junior and seniors study at Castro Valley. Students take their knowledge of marketing & management to
compete against other chapters in their district and state. She was admitted to Cal Poly College and plans to take up marketing.
She is also active at the Transfiguration Catholic Church where she has been an altar server since she was 10 yrs. old and also a Eucharistic Minister for the past year. She plays piano on her spare time. She enjoyed her recent trip to U.K. & Europe w/her family,&
cruise to Mexican Reviera.
Good luck to Cal Poly Nene and
more blessings to you!!
Stay as sweet & smart as you are!!
Tita Jazmin & family!!

Bay Martin said...

Nicely worded comments. More than anything else, Rachel deserves special accolades on account of her exemplary academic performance in the school, not to mention her extra-curricular activities.

Kudos to her. I am positive she will work even harder to maintain, if not surpass,her outstanding achievements.

Majed M. said...

So, she is the brilliant student you were telling me weeks ago. No question about her parents being so proud of her accomplishments. I wish my children get the habit of studying even without being told to do so. When do they get the piano lessons?

Bay Martin said...

She's very studious and responsible. Her parents are very supportive of her.

Monching said...

She's bound to see places someday! Parang ikaw ha!

Bay Martin said...

Her Mom is very intelligent, too!

Monching said...

Parang ikaw, ang daming alam! Wala kang ginawa kundi magbasa, basa rito, basa roon, bukod pa sa pagbabasa mo ng music notes. Di ba lumalabo ang mata mo hmmppp!!

Bay Martin said...

It's better than doing nothing. Gusto mong mahomesick ako?

Monching said...

What does Rachel plan to take up in college?

Bay Martin said...

I have to find that out!