Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I give you my blessing!

A wonderful and exciting love story about an internet chat that doesn't involve lewd, immoral behavior. A 30-year old man and a 27-year old woman began an online friendship that culminated into a betrothal. After a period of online interaction the man requested to see a picture of his virtual paramour--which occurred under the supervision of the woman's mother, who was so supportive, understanding, and embraced the idea of this type of courtship since it adhered to the cultural norms in her view. Afterward, the man proposed to the woman and marriage was scheduled for November this year.

CONGRATULATIONS... bring out the wedding drums!!!


JoeCo said...

Sounds very romantic to me!

Monchiting said...

Pasingit! I read about this. It's good to know na nagiging liberal-minded na sila ngayon.