Sunday, September 14, 2008


Love has become one of the most misunderstood and confused words in any language. Some want it to mean nothing more than the attraction between the sexes. Others want it to mean no more than desire and its satisfaction. When others speak of it, it seems that love and sex are synonymous. It is all so sad because love understood as any of these is hardly love. It is confused: the wrapper is taken for the content.
As someone wrote, "the best definition of love is a loving person."


DELIA said...

gracias por su comentario tu pagina esta mbien muy interensante se lo agradesco por esas palabras que dios lo bendiga.

Bambang Udoyono said...

I agree. MOst people have simplistic and partial understanding baout love. Millions or perhaps bilions of human being suffer from many problmes but it does not masn that God forgets us or hate us. He loves us. btw I have a new posting in said...

Love is lovelier, the second time around... love is wonderful... hmmmm!!!

When you are in love, it's the loveliest night of the year... ano susunod?

Good morning!

Bay Martin said...

@ Delia

Hola Della, gracias un montón por la visita reciente. Aprecio los elogios. Incluiré visita a su Web site en mis redondos regulares. Tenga un gran rato el blogging!

Buonas noches!

Bay Martin said...

@ Bambang,

Thanks a heap for the visit. I agree with you. Our Lord God loves us so much. He gave His only Son to redeem us by His death and resurrection.

Bay Martin said...

@ Monching,

You always make me LOL everytime you leave comments. The thing is, puro luma ang kinakanta mo, di ko alam ha ha ha!!!

... words fall into rhyme everytime you are holding me near... tama ba?

Monchitong said...

Here's another song to recall: love is, love is for the two of us, love is, love is for the two of us... la la la la... nalimutan ko kasunod!

Bay Martin said...

Everytime you sing, di mo natatapos, puro simula. Baka next time, puro title na lang ang alam mong kantahin.

I heard the song before. Why don't you sing, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, para mas maganda.

JoeCo said...

Sinabi mo ba, nakukulili rin ang tenga ko dyan kapag bumanat na ng kanta. Minsan pa nga, he sings like Sylvia La Torre ha ha ha! Parang iniipit na ano.... (censored), ha ha ha!!!