Thursday, September 4, 2008


Being alone is sometimes lonely

Whenever I feel lonely, I try not to ask why anymore, for I know it is part of my being human. I ask instead, what I may have done to have made myself feel isolated, walled-in, and alienated from the others. In fact, loneliness comes during those moments of isolation, when around me I have built an invisible wall, perhaps, after I have been hurt by others. The same wall protects me from getting hurt again, but, alas, it also imprisons me.


Sayz Lim said...

Loneliness... that is the word I've never complained and get used to it... like you said, everyone will have a certain time to feel lonely and that is human

Bay Martin said...

Many thanks for the visit and comment.

I tried to open your two websites several times, but couldn't win! May be, it has something to do with Kaspersky. I may remove the program and go for McAfee virus protection program, instead.

Have a great time in college! Don't leave any stones unturned.

Monching said...

Lonely, I Mr. Lonely, I have nobody to call my ownnnnnn!!! aahhhhh!!!

Good morning!

Bay Martin said...

Hige, Mr. Bobby Vinton,ano ang susunod na line?

Ang sakit sa tenga, may background music ka pa!

Monch said...

All alone am I ever since you've said, goodbye, all alone with just the beat of my heart...... Ate Guy yan ha!

JoeCo said...

I was a lonely boy, lonely and blue, I was alone, with nothing to do.... someboyd, somebody.... O akala mo Mon ikaw lang ha! Victor Wood yan!